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"Buddy Coaching"
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"Your Road To Success"
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"I can honestly say that in 15 years I have found nothing that compares! It is incredible! I would joyfully recommend Your Road To Success to any of my fellow Crisis Pregnancy Centers as an excellent tool for ministering to clients who are seeking a workable plan for a true life change!"

"Amanda Rankin has taken the daunting subject of mission statements and goal setting and made it a fun and simple exercise that anyone can understand and enjoy. I recommend Buddy Coaching to anyone who is trying to get their life together and on track with God."
John C. Maxwell, Founder, INJOY

"Buddy Coaching is brilliantly insightful and profoundly practical."
Scott DeGarmo, Success Magazine

"Exhilarating and informative! Amanda has put her experience and expertise into one easy-to-use guide."
Kathleen Jackson, Publisher, The Godly Business Woman Magazine

"Amanda has a delightful sense of humor and direct approach that quickly changes lives. Listen, laugh, and learn!"
Florence Littauer, Author of 'Personality Plus' and 'Silver Boxes'

"I've been to several motivational seminars, but this is the one that has made a lasting impression on my life. Amanda brought a freshness that taught us each to understand where we are coming from as individuals!"
Dot DeVane, Administrative Assistant of Marketing, Advent Christian Village

"This has definitely helped me to become more organized. At last!"
Susan Starks, Administrative Assistant

"The part I found most informative is how to set goals according to my own personality, and how I can overcome my obstacles and weaknesses."
Jackie Parks, Sales Representative

"Not until we know ourselves can we reach our full potential.  Buddy Coaching is the answer to that self knowledge. Thank you!"
Idella Bodie, Veteran English Teacher and Author of 15 books