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"Buddy Coaching"
The price is $15.90 and includes Shipping & Handling

"Your Road To Success"
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The Buddy Coaching Seminar and Books are designed not only to motivate and inform, but also to begin the process of goal setting.  Instead of leaving the seminar with a head full of knowledge but no practical skills, leave with your work in progress!  Learn from the following books:

Buddy Coaching
Buddy Coaching for Christians
Your Road To Success

by Amanda Rankin

  • Learn about the 4 basic Personalities and how we relate to each other out of the 4 different points of view.  Receive a deeper understanding of why you do the things that you do and why others respond the way they do.

  • Take your Personality test and determine your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Learn the importance of goal setting and why you need value and mission statements to create focus in your life.  Learn the mechanics of how to set goals and understand the interplay of your own personality in goal setting.

  • Begin writing your value and mission statements, as well as your goals in your workbook.  Congratulations! You have just joined the top 3% of Americans that have a written goal plan!

  • Bring your workbook to lunch and sit with your own personality group! Celebrate your strengths and commiserate your weaknesses, as you write affirmation statements on 2 or 3 of your weaknesses.

  • A wrap-up of what you've experienced, along with knowledge about daily planners and the secret ingredient of success:  your Buddy Coach!