Amanda Rankin

in an UNBALANCED world

Buddy Coaching System

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"Buddy Coaching"
The price is $15.90 and includes Shipping & Handling

"Your Road To Success"
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Discover the tools to live an effective, purposeful life.

What you do today determines your tomorrow.

Learn the five P's of success.

Personality - Learn how God created you with unique strengths and weaknesses and use the knowledge to direct your life's path.

Purpose - Learn how to define your life's purpose and filter out the distractions  that keep you from God's best.

Plan - Learn the necessity of a plan and how to go about making one of your own.

Priorities - Learn what God calls a balanced life and learn how to line up your life with His.

People - Propel yourself into action and stay on course by learning how to work with an accountability partner - your Buddy Coach!

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